How to import CAD Models on 3Dicom R&D

How to import CAD Models on 3Dicom R&D

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You can import Computer Aided Design (CAD) Models into 3Dicom R&D, as well as manipulate it.

Here’s how to import CAD Models into the Model Library.

Import Model

On the Model Library, you can import CAD Models into 3Dicom R&D by clicking on the ‘Import Model’. This will open a window where you need to navigate to where the CAD model you wish to import.

3Dicom R&D currently support STL, OBJ, FBX and PLY file types.

Once you selected the CAD Model, it will ask you to type in the Model Name and the Description. You will also have the option to select the Category of the CAD Model.

You can create new categories that you would like the CAD Model to be a part of.

Once you have selected the CAD Model you wish to import, you can add guides on the model.

You can do so by toggling Edit Mode, and you will be able to add 2-points on the model.

Once satisfied, click on Import and it will be added to the Model Library.

Edit – You can edit any information relating the model selected eg. Name, Description
Upload – Opens the share window for sharing models across 3Dicom.
Delete – Deletes the selected model.

You have successfully imported a CAD Model in 3Dicom R&D! Click here to see how to import it in MCAD for CAD Model Manipulation.