Radiology and medical image review just got a whole lot more collaborative.

3Dicom MD is developed for medical practitioners, from radiologists to dentists, to add another dimension to their medical image review with the ability to discuss cases in real-time introducing remote collaboration to radiology.

3Dicom MD works on both Windows and MacOS.

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Disclaimer: 3Dicom MD is currently NOT a Medical Device. 3Dicom MD is intended for visualisation and educational purposes only. Singular Health intends to apply for regulatory approvals.

Intuitive File Management with Local Loading, PACS Integration & Medical File Transfer Protocol

Before you can view scans in fully interactive 3D, first you must be able to easily access, load and manage the images. For practitioners, dentists and radiology practices with direct access to MRI or CT scanners, or for those who receive scans on USB or CD, 3Dicom MD has local DICOM loading for local file directories & removable media.

For larger institutions, including teaching hospitals, universities and radiology groups, the MD tier of the software features local PACS integration to retrieve images from the local PACS server.

3Dicom’s own Medical File Transfer Protocol (MFTP) allows for the transfer of anonymised medical files between devices without the need for 3rd party file storage programs.

Collaborate in Real-Time with Other Practitioners and Radiologists

Drawing and annotating scans has never been easier with 3Dicom’s MD suite. Get rid of all the scan printouts, hardcopies and anatomical documentation filling up your office to seamlessly making scan annotations within 3Dicom.

You can easily capitalise on our different markup tools such as measuring the length of specific anatomy, drawing different 2D shapes, measuring anatomical angles and even writing text on your 2D view of your three-dimensional model.

This allows for enhanced medical analysis and to efficiently perform qualitative and quantitative evaluation in the application, rather than performing on this on a separate document!

Cutting Edge Colour Rendering with Raytracing & 3D Transfer Functions

Eliminate the need for third party applications or exiting the 3Dicom application to capture the analysis of your medical scan. 3Dicom MD has provided users with the ability to conveniently screen record and capture any findings within application including all edits, annotations and measurements made on your scan.

Easily capture anything in your medical scan interesting findings, pathological problems, annotations or possible diagnosis.

Once your captured image or video has been made, save the recordings to your local device being used, to easily distribute to patients, practitioners, members of your institution or for your own future interpretation .

Measure & Annotate Scans in 2D and View Results in 3D

One of the fundamental areas of medical analysis is the ability to communicate certain findings, results and developments with other relevant members. Comprehensively communicate with any other 3Dicom MD user through the ‘Collaborate’ feature.

3Dicom MD has combined the functionalities of both text and audio chat to make it effortless for users to collaborate with both members inside and outside their organisation. Users through the collaborate feature see analysis in real time all from scan panning to annotations, speak with others and even make scan changes from anywhere in the world.

Additional Features

Export Raw DICOM to Functional Formats

3Dicom’s MD suite allows users to export DICOM images and files into more functional formats including .JPG and .PNG. These exportable formats can be more easily accessible for patients and other organisations.

Export DICOM To Neuroimaging Data (.NII)

Export DICOM files from the standard .DICOM file format to an .NII file format. Exporting to an .NII file format will aid in further neuroscience and neuroradiology research.

DICOM Anonymisation

Keep patient and case specific individual fully anonymised through the DICOM anonymisation feature. Anonymise different attribute of a case from gender to patient number for more ethical distribution of the scan and accompanying analysis.

Media Gallery

We’ve incorporated an internal media gallery to make accessing images and videos of the loaded scan more accessible. The in-built media gallery allows users to view certain screenshots and recordings without leaving the application and losing all analysis.

Increased Quantitative Analysis

Perform greater quantitative analysis through 3Dicom MD with the ability to view different quantitative values for different features. Values such as the mean, mode, media and range are all accessible for different features providing more accurate analysis and producing definite datasets.

And more…