Open source DICOM Library

Access the 3Dicom medical image library to view numerous medical imaging scans sourced from open source datasets for 2D & 3D visualization in our Dicom Viewer. All uploaded files in this library are stored in the NiFTi (.nii) or dicom format (.dcm) and have gone through a process of anonymization and lossless compression prior to upload to ensure patient confidentiality and lightweight downloads.

covid lung

Covid19 CT Dicom Image

This scan, obtained from the Harvard University Dataverse, provides a unique 3D view at the impact of the viral pneumonia on the lungs of the patient.

Foramina Skull

Foramina are small openings in the base of the skull and spine that allow for important vasculature and nerve bundles to pass into the brain.

screenshot 363 2

Circle of Willis

The Circle of Willis is a junction of arteries sitting at the base of the cranium that connects anterior and posterior circulations, and is responsible for most of the blood supply to the cerebrum.

Scans provided in this DICOM Library have been obtained from Open Source repositories, which have been linked in each Scan description.

All Scans can be readily viewed for educational purposes in the 3Dicom Software