Changing 3Dicom Viewer Installation Location on Mac

Changing 3Dicom Viewer Installation Location on Mac

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If you’ve subscribed for 3Dicom Viewer and downloaded the Singular Launcher for Mac but are having difficulty in installing the software itself due to it continually trying to install, you may need to change the installation location.

Changing the installation location is quite simple and can be done in four quick steps.

1) Make sure to click ‘Open’ when the security prompt shows up when opening the Singular Launcher for the first time.

Singular Security Prompt Open

2) On the Singular Launcher, navigate to the Settings menu by clicking on the icon in the bottom right.

3) Click on the Magnifying Glass Icon to browse to your desired new file location for the installation of 3Dicom.

4) Locate where you can want the installation of 3Dicom Viewer to be and click Open to select.

Follow the short video below to view the whole process of changing the installation location:

You have successfully changed the installation location of 3Dicom Viewer! Now, try clicking Install 3Dicom on the Launcher again and it should work.