How to Import Scans on 3Dicom R&D

How to Import Scans on 3Dicom R&D


There are different ways of loading scans into 3Dicom R&D, and importing scans to 3Dicom R&D is one of them.

Import Scans / DICOM

On the Scan Database, you can import scans (DICOM / .dcm) into 3Dicom R&D by clicking on ‘Import Scan’ or if you click the drop-down arrow, ‘Import DICOM’. This will open a window where you need to navigate to where the scans are.

Once you selected the folder to import, it will import everything that is in the folder.

Once it loads, it will categorise the scan under the allocated Patient Name, Study Date and Series.

Locate – This will open a window on where the files are located.
Sessions – Opens Saved Sessions related to the series.
Anonymize – Anonymizes the series and asks you select where to export the anonymize series
Delete – Deletes the selected series.

To open and view a scan from a Patient, you will first select the Patient, then the Study Date, and finally, the scan itself that you want to view.

Here’s a quick video covering the steps above!

Video preview done in 3Dicom Patient. Steps are similar for 3Dicom R&D.

You have successfully imported and opened a scan in 3Dicom R&D!