How to Install 3Dicom on MacOS

How to Install 3Dicom on MacOS


Downloading 3Dicom for MacOS can be completed in four easy steps. In order for you to successfully download 3Dicom and use the software, you will need to have created and registered an account. If you have not created a 3Dicom account through My Singular Health, we strongly suggest you refer to article that can be accessed here. If you have successfully registered a 3Dicom account, you can continue reading the four easy steps, in downloading 3Dicom for MacOS!

1. Login to My Singular Health

The first step in downloading 3Dicom for MacOS is logging into the My Singular Health portal. This can be found by entering into your browser, following the verification email sent to your inbox during the account verification process, or logging in via the 3Dicom website using the ‘My Account’ button in the top right.

2. Selecting and purchasing your subscription

After we have logged into the My Singular Health portal, it is now time to select our 3Dicom tier we would like to purchase. If you still have not decided which tier is most suitable, you can have a read through the different tiers on our website or a comprehensive feature list will also be shown on the subscription page.

When subscribing, users are also given the option to select their billing cycle; either monthly or annually. Once your subscription has been selected, we will need to enter our payment details. 3Dicom are currently running an exclusive promotion giving users 50% their first subscription.

Use promotion code ‘LOYALTY50′ in the promotion code tab to receive 50% off your purchase! An email will be sent to your account email you signed up with, confirming your purchase and details. If you have not received a confirmation email, please lodge a support ticket here.

3. Downloading the Singular Health launcher

The Singular Launcher is your gateway to the 3Dicom software. Without downloading the installing the launcher, we are unable to begin our anatomical analysis using 3Dicom.

After the launcher has downloaded, we will need to open the file and copy it to our applications. This way, the singular launcher is easily accessible from your MacOS device. Depending on your device permissions, you may need to enter your device credentials or allow access for the file to be copied. Once the launcher is copied to your applications successfully, we can now open the application!

This will be the same process for downloading any application onto your device.

4. Login and activate your license keys

We now have to log in to 3Dicom with our account that we have made through Once we have logged in we have to assign our license keys. Your license key activation button can be found on the bottom left under the ‘Install 3Dicom’ button.

Congratulations! You have successfully downloaded 3Dicom for MacOS!