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3Dicom Lite – ‘Cutting’ Into 3D Medical Scans With 3D Slicing Tool

Many DICOM viewers now feature multi-planar reconstructions (MPR) which use the data from the original plane of acquisition (a CT Scan/MRI Scan/PET Scan are typically acquired in a single plane) to then generate a series of images in the other two orthogonal planes. Whilst these MPR functions provide a massive advantage in medical imaging compared to simply viewing the patient’s anatomy and image in a single plane, individually scrolling through these three (3) orthogonal planes doesn’t provide any contextual information of the 3D anatomical structures.

Furthermore, more accurate segmentation can be performed allowing the user to view more internal structures, stronger visualization and more in depth image analysis of the dicom image. In conjunction with this, using the 3D intersect tools to enhance 3D visualization provides those with a limited medical background, an easier analysis on medical images and puts the anatomical structure into a more understandable perspective rather than a complex 2D view in the orthogonal planes.

Using the 3D slicer tool within 3Dicom, users in all tiers of 3Dicom are able to ‘cut’ into the 3D volumetric model in the three axis and expose 3D anatomical structures at various density values. The three 3D slicer and intersect tools are located in the expose tab in the dicom viewer shown in the image below. The three sliders allow us to focus on a specific region of interest (roi) through the sagittal plane (side to side slice position) coronal plane (front to back slice position) or axial plane (top to bottom slice position).

slice tools

Watching the short video below will guide the user on how to perform a sagittal slice, coronal slice and axial slice. In conjunction with this, the video will also guide the user to see how the 3D slicing tool can also be used to hide parts of the overall scan and focus on a particular area of interest. By focusing on a specific roi, the user can get perform greater image analysis on the anatomical structure and segmentation.

Keep up to date with the 3Dicom software by installing the Singular Health launcher as we will soon be matching the 2D view slices on the right hand side with the current 3D slicer positions along with many more features to further improve the 3D slicing tool.

If you’re interested in viewing anatomy from any angle, slicing through patient-specific anatomy and visualising joints, vasculature, muscles and much more, download 3Dicom Lite and load in almost any DICOM and/or NII file for a fully immersive 3D visualisation experience

Please note that this blog is purely for educational and marketing purposes and doesn’t not purport to be medical advice. 3Dicom is currently registered as a TGA Class 1 Visualisation device and is not approved for diagnostic purposes.

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