3D Dicom Viewer - High Quality 3D Visualization Of 2D Medical imaging files

Convert your DICOM data into 3D within 90 seconds!

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Visualize 2D Dicom Scans In 3D With Volume Rendered Models

Using our proprietary volumetric rendering platform, 3D Dicom Viewer allows for the rapid conversion of 2D Dicom files into 3D fully immersive volumetric models. Whether for patient education, research or simply for creating a 3D model for your next medical presentation or seminar, you can securely, quickly and easily convert and view your scans in 3D, adjust the tissue densities and rotate the model to extract as much detail as possible. All from a standard DICOM file.

Download 3D Dicom Viewer v1.10 For Windows

We've launched version 1.10, available on Windows for the offline viewing of medical imaging files from cone-bean CT, CT, MRI & PET scans.

With a strong development pipeline of future updates, the initial program features loading of .dcm and .nii files, our navigation cube and 3D slicer.

Android Beta Release Coming Soon

Have you recently had a CT/MRI or PET scan? Ask your doctor for your personal DICOM file and get a 3D visualization of your own body.

Our Android features also allows doctors and researchers to perform on-device conversion of medical images whilst on the move.

Rapid 3D Visualization Of Medical Images

We visualize the world in 3-Dimensions with our brain being highly adapted to perceive depth and spatial relationships in multiple axis.
However, we currently only visualize, diagnose and communicate medical data in a 2-Dimensional form, relying on highly trained medical experts being able to accurate translate the 2D images into 3D models in their head.
3D Dicom Viewer takes the guesswork out of translating the 2D imagery into 3D, allowing you to see it "almost as though it's right in front of you".

3D Dicom Viewer - 3D Slicer Tool

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