3D DICOM Viewer

Immersive 3D Medical Image Viewer for Practitioners & Patients

Gain an enhanced understanding of patient-specific anatomy with an intuitive, fast DICOM viewer for CT, MRI, PET scans and more…

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Combining Functionality with Practicality

Our DICOM Viewer has been developed from the very beginning to focus on core functions such as measurements, 3D visualisation and manipulation. The software continues to be developed to make it as intuitive as possible to access, interact with, and share DICOM data.

With optimised 3D volume rendering allowing for CT, MRI and PET scans to be rendered into fully-immersive 3D models of patient-specific anatomy in less than 90 seconds, 3Dicom aims to further focus on 3D enhancement.

For those who are more familiar with 2D scan images, 3Dicom provides multi-planar reconstruction of images in the transverse, sagittal and coronal planes.

3Dicom Viewer v2.1.1

Discover Our Intuitive Layout & Powerful Features

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Add Another Dimension To Existing CT & MRI Scans With
Accurate 3D Volume Rendered Models

From specialists to patients, we all perceive the world around us in 3D. We believe that 3D medical imagery is important for better visualising cases, communicating case notes and radiological reports, and improving patient comprehension.

Immersive 3D Visualisation

Using our proprietary volumetric rendering platform, 3Dicom Viewer allows for the rapid conversion of 2D Dicom files into 3D fully immersive volumetric models.

Open Files From Dropbox

Load DICOM (.DCM) or NiFTI (.nii) files directly from your computer or transfer them via Dropbox to your devices to view your own scans rendered locally.

Private & Secure

We protect personal medical data with 100% offline conversion and viewing, no internet connection or file transfer required. We don’t collect any of the scan data.

Easily View Different Organs

View scans from any angle and viewpoint, with the ability to render the skin, soft tissue and major organs through to the skeleton.

No Account or Card Required

After signing up to download 3Dicom, we don’t require any account or card details to use the free version of 3Dicom Viewer.

Developed For Cross Platform

We realise that you want to be able to review scans whilst on the go and so we’ve included all Windows features for MacOS too.

We Are On A Mission To Improve Patient Education

As part of Singular Health Group, we are committed to developing technology that provides patients and practitioners alike with access to personalised, enhanced medical data to inform better health decisions.

Better health comprehension


Less likely to be readmitted to hospital


Free on all devices


Easier to understand without training


A 2012 study by Mitchell SE, Sadikova E, Jack BW & Paasche-Orlow found that that patients with low health literacy are 1.46 times more likely than patients with adequate health literacy to return to the hospital or emergency department within 30 days.

Providing an easier, more intuitive way in which to perceive radiological data and associated health issues (pathologies) is vital to increasing health literacy, reducing hospital readmissions and empowering patients to make better informed medical decisions.