Release of 3Dicom R&D

Release of 3Dicom R&D

Singular Health

After many months of hard work, Singular Health (the team behind 3Dicom Viewer) are very excited to announce the launch of a new tier of the software, 3Dicom R&D as we release version 3.0.0 of 3Dicom. As a non-diagnostic DICOM viewer, the R&D tier contains almost all of the functionality in the Surgical Tier but is intended for research, scientific, educational and training purposes only.

Who is 3Dicom R&D for?

  • Biomedical / Biomechanical Engineers; with the ability to both segment medical images to STL files to create 3D printed models of real anatomy and to import STL files of customised medical implants to virtually test against digital twins, the software enables you to test your designs before proceeding to animal or clinical trials.

Key Features in 3Dicom R&D

Version 3.0.0 comes a full 6 months after the release of v2.7.3 in December 2021 and we’ve added a huge amount of new features into all tiers of the software.
Some of the key features you should try in 3Dicom R&D include:

  • Realistic anatomical colours for MRI & CT scans using 3D Transfer Functions