3DICOM Surgical

3D Reconstruction, Segmentation, and Virtual Implants Placement with Real-Time, ‘Multiplayer’ Collaboration

Designed to bridge the gap between a medical device manufacturer and surgeon, 3Dicom Surgical is a collaborative virtual surgical planning software allowing for real-time feedback & editing rather than slower iterative design cycles.

3Dicom Surgical works on both Windows and MacOS with a wireless VR surgical planning module coming soon.

Available for just USD $250/mo on Windows & MacOS.

Disclaimer: 3Dicom Surgical is currently NOT a Medical Device. 3Dicom Surgical can not be used for treatment or diagnosis. Singular Health intends to apply for regulatory approvals as a Virtual Surgical Planning software in 2023.

Quickly Achieve Pixel Perfect Segmentation of Anatomy With Semi-Automated Tools & Manual Editing

With many radiology departments, dental clinics and even surgeons themselves now utilising medical-grade 3D printers to conduct point-of-care 3D printing of anatomical models and guides, the real time-consuming process is the segmentation of 2D radiological images into 3D printable / machinable files.

3Dicom Surgical brings simplicity to a complex task, discarding multiple drop-down menus in favour of graphical interface of only the most essential tools.
Semi-automated tools like threshold flood fill or level tracing accelerate the process, while combining zoom and pan with manual paint and erase tools allows for fine detail editing.

Conduct Multi Disciplinary Meetings Anytime, Anywhere With Real-Time Collaboration

Whether in person or remote, effectively communicating health information comes with numerous challenges around cyber-security, IT setups and most importantly, the ability to add to the discussion in a meaningful and obvious manner.

Our DICOM Viewer software anonymises and encrypts DICOM images prior to sharing, uses HIPAA & GDPR compliant servers, and allows each member to actually interact with the 3D model of the scan.

With in-built voice and text chat, 3Dicom Surgical’s collaborative suite is perfect for medical device manufacturers conducting design reviews & multi-disciplinary team meetings held remotely.

Colour Rendered Spine - 3Dicom MD

Import Medical Computer Aided Design (CAD) Files, Move & Overlay Models In The 3D Anatomical Model

Much more than just a DICOM Viewer, Surgical allows users to import CAD files into the software from any source and register them to the initial DICOM data.

This is great for craniomaxillofacial and spinal applications as manufacturers of patient-specific devices can design the implants and guides in certified and familiar software packages and then import into 3Dicom to review in collaborative sessions with the surgeons.

CAD files can be moved freehand or with high precision with numerical field inputs in the left-hand panel, grouped and coloured and viewed relative to the initial CT/MRI scan.

Export Images, Segments and 3D Models in Standard Formats

Collaborative communication and design reviews does not always have to be in real-time.

3Dicom allows for the export of segments, measurements, and 3D models in industry standard formats such as .JPG and .STL. for use in reports, presentations, and 3D printing.

Improve your next presentation with 3D images, embedded video and 3D printed models.

3Dicom Surgical also features…

Familiar 2D Multi-Planar Reconstruction

In addition to the advanced 3D volume rendering, 3Dicom provides multi-planar reconstruction of the DICOM images to generate three 2D views. Full screen and scroll through the Sagittal (Side-to-Side), Coronal (Front-to-Back), and Axial (Top-to-Bottom) images.

Ability to Create 3D Printable Anatomical Models

Enhance the medical image visualization with simple brightness, contrast and opacity sliders that allow you to account for different exposures and lighten up scans as the lighter (softer) tissue is removed. Reduce opacity to create an ‘X-ray’ like view in the 3D view.

Automated 2D to 3D Translation of Markups

Sign up for 3Dicom Patient on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, verify your email, and you can load and 3D render your medical images in just minutes. No Credit Card Required.

Enhanced Data Protection For HIPAA

We’ve optimised the local rendering of DICOM images so much that it works on almost all Android smartphones, iPhone 11 onwards, and tablets. Simply load files from your local file storage and you can view them in the file archive in the App.

Collaborative Virtual Reality Module (Coming Soon)

A 2014 study showed that patients benefit from seeing their own medical images, even in 2D, with a sense of a better understanding of their diagnosis and validation of their sensory and emotional response to the illness or injury.

And more…