Aviso importante: actualización del archivo de escaneo 3Dicom

Aviso importante: actualización del archivo de escaneo 3Dicom

Salud singular

Noticed that your scans are missing from your 3Dicom Local Archive? Don’t worry, they’re not deleted but will need to be re-imported into the 3Dicom software from your local file storage.

Whilst regrettable, today’s release of version 3.1.0 of 3Dicom has resulted in more than 210 improvements to the software, primarily in background operations to provide better support for MacOS and focusing on cyber-security and usability changes.

A move to AES256 bit encryption of the local scan archive has resulted in the renewal of the local archive. However, the local file archive in 3Dicom acts like a shortcut to the DICOM files imported from your computer’s local file storage and therefore, whilst inconvenient, it hasn’t resulted in your scans being deleted and/or erased.

Please re-import DICOM scans from your local file storage to repopulate your local scan archive.

Version 3.1.0 is the version of 3Dicom MD that is being submitted to the US FDA for diagnostic approval (pending) and whilst the other tiers won’t be diagnostically approved, they’ll benefit from the changes made to the software and we don’t anticipate these general, non-retrospective changes to occur in future.

Thank you for your continued support and please look at the changelog to see the vast number of changes made to improve the software as part of your subscription.