Liste des fonctionnalités de 3Dicom MD

3Dicom MD Feature List 3Dicom MD is developed for medical practitioners, from radiologists to dentists, to add another dimension to their medical image review, with the ability to discuss dicom images in real-time introducing remote collaboration to radiology in a native 3D viewer. 3Dicom MD is FDA cleared as a Class II Software-as-a-Medical-Device (SaMD) for …

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3Dicom MD – Spécifications système recommandées

The 3Dicom MD software, along with the Singular Launcher, has been designed to operate across both Windows and MacOS operating systems. As 3D visualisation is native to the DICOM viewer software and renders the DICOM data on device for enhanced performance and confidentiality, the graphic processing power (GPU) requirements have been optimised to allow for …

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Bienvenue sur 3Dicom MD

3Dicom MD, brought to you by the team at Singular Health, is a cross-platform DICOM viewer that works across Windows and MacOS and allows for medical practitioners and radiologists to communicate in real-time using the patient-specific 3D model as well as make measurements and view anatomy in both 2D and fully-immersive 3D. The software’s core …

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