3Dicom R&D のなげなわツールを使用して医用画像の領域を非表示にする方法

3Dicom R&D のなげなわツールを使用して医用画像の領域を非表示にする方法


In 3Dicom R&D, you are able to hide certain areas of a medical image with the use of the Lasso Tool.

Lasso ToolTo use the Lasso Tool, you will need to be on a 2D View.

To switch to 2D View, click on the maximize button beside any of the 2D Views.
Lasso Tool 2One you are on a 2D View, you will now be able to Enable the Lasso Tool.

Click the toggle to Enable Lasso.

You can also adjust the Slice which will be affected.

Here’s a quick demo on how to use the Lasso Tool:

You have now learned how to use the Lasso Tool in 3Dicom R&D!