3Dicom R&D vs Vesalius3D: What’s the Difference?

What is 3Dicom R&D?

Singular Health’s 3Dicom 研發 converts 2D medical images into 3D reconstructions, converts DICOMs to JPG/PNG and enables segmentation for 3D printing of anatomical structures. It also has a built-in Medical Computer Aided Design feature where you can import, manipulate and position medical devices alongside the medical image.

What is Vesalius3D?

Vesalius3D is a software application for high quality 3D Visualization and Navigation through personalized, patient specific, anatomical structures.

Choosing Between 3Dicom R&D with Vesalius3D

Both 3Dicom 研發Vesalius3D are pretty similar in terms of features. We have included the comparison table below to assist you in your choice between both softwares.

Compatible with Windows
Compatible with MacOS
On-device DICOM image loading
Local File Storage
Standard 2D Views
Visualize CT Scans in 2D
Visualize PET Scans in 2D
Visualize MRI Scans in 2D
Visualize CT Scans in 3D with Rotate, Pan and Zoom
Visualize PET Scans in 3D with Rotate, Pan and Zoom
Visualize MRI Scans in 3D with Rotate, Pan and Zoom
Intuitive HU Window Feature, which exposes internal anatomy and structures
Use presets visualizationAdditional Purchase: L1
Easily measure and annotate DICOM Images in 2D and view them in 3DAdditional Purchase: L2
與本地 PACS 系統集成以改進工作流程Additional Purchase: D1
Take screenshotsAdditional Purchase: L1
Take screen recording with audioAdditional Purchase: L1
分割特定解剖結構並導出為 .STL 文件以進行 3D 打印Additional Purchase: L2
Import and visualize patient-specific implants and guides with MCADAdditional Purchase: D1
對醫療設備進行計算機內測試並測試研發階段醫療 AI 模型的輸出
以 3D 形式對醫學生和生物工程師進行真實病理學和病例的教育。
Mobile Companion App3Dicom Mobile included in Subscription

The Final Analysis

Overall, both 3Dicom 研發Vesalius3D, are pretty similar in terms of features.

If you are a Windows user, you would probably select Vesalius3D for its convenience and compatibility as Vesalius3D is built and tested specifically for Windows platform.

However, if you want a product that would be compatible across MacOS AND Windows devices, you probably select 3Dicom R&D. 3Dicom R&D subscription includes a mobile companion app that is also compatible for both 安卓 AND iOS users, making it the more user-friendly and cost efficient option.