Peluncur Tunggal sekarang menjadi Peluncur 3Dicom!

Attention 3Dicom Users! The Singular Launcher has now been renamed to 3Dicom Launcher on the latest update v2.5.0. After updating, the Singular Launcher will be automatically uninstalled and replaced with 3Dicom Launcher. Don’t forget to manually remove any old shortcuts or bookmarks for the Singular Launcher and add them again for 3Dicom Launcher. Keep an …

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Sony Electronics memamerkan Spatial Reality Display (ELF-SR1) dengan integrasi 3Dicom MD untuk visualisasi medis 3D.

We are pleased to announce that we have concluded a multi-month technical integration of its 3Dicom MD with Sony Electronics’ 15.6″ Spatial Reality Display (ELF-SR1). Sony’s Spatial Reality Display (ELF-SR1) is an award-winning high resolution glasses free 3D display which is being exhibited, with Singular’s 3Dicom MD software integrated, at the American Academy of Orthopaedic …

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Server PACS Orthanc

With Orthanc PACS Server Integration, healthcare providers can easily access medical images stored on Orthanc, while Singular Health 3Dicom provides advanced visualization and analysis tools to help healthcare providers diagnose and treat patients more effectively. Together, these two systems form a comprehensive medical imaging solution that can help healthcare providers deliver high-quality care to their …

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Layar 3D stereoskopik dari Schneider Digital menunjukkan kranium yang diberi warna dengan cacat - Integrasi 3Dicom

Schneider Digital Stereo 3D

3Dicom is a powerful tool for medical professionals looking to incorporate 3D imaging into their practices. With Schneider Digital Stereo 3D integration, users can enjoy a seamless and efficient workflow, making it easier than ever to visualize and analyze complex medical images. This integration allows for precise measurements, in-depth analysis, and accurate diagnoses, all with …

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