3Dicom Patient vs Horos Viewer: What’s the Difference?

What is 3Dicom Patient?

Singular Health’s 3Dicom Pasien is developed for patient education, our lightweight 3D DICOM viewer allows standard 2D radiology scans such as MRI or CT data to be converted into fully-immersive 3D model of your own anatomy. 3Dicom Pasien works on both Windows and MacOS.

What is Horos Viewer?

Horos Viewer is a free and open-source software (FOSS) for MacOS, based on OsiriX and several open source other libraries.

Choosing Between 3Dicom Patient with Horos Viewer

Both 3Dicom Pasien Viewer and Horos Viewer are pretty similar in terms of features. We have included the comparison table below to assist in your choice between both softwares.

Compatible with Windows
Compatible with MacOS
On-device DICOM image loading
Local File Storage
Standard 2D Views
Visualise CT Scans in 2D
Visualise PET Scans in 2D
Visualise MRI Scans in 2D
Visualise CT Scans in 3D with Rotate, Pan and Zoom
Visualise PET Scans in 3D with Rotate, Pan and Zoom
Visualise MRI Scans in 3D with Rotate, Pan and Zoom
Intuitive HU Window Feature, which exposes internal anatomy and structures
Mobile Companion App3Dicom Mobile included in SubscriptionHoros Mobile only on iOS

The Final Analysis

Overall, both 3Dicom Pasien Viewer and Horos Viewer, are pretty similar in terms of features.

If you are a native MacOS user, you would probably end up choosing Horos Viewer for its convenience and familiarity as a MacOS-only software. On top of it being the free option.

However, if you want a product that would be compatible across MacOS AND jendela devices, you should probably select 3Dicom Patient. 3Dicom Pasien subscription includes a mobile companion app that is also compatible for both Android AND iOS users, making it the more user-friendly and cost efficient option.