How to Update Your Account Settings For 3Dicom Viewer

How to Update Your Account Settings For 3Dicom Viewer


Good work! You are on a roll. Now, if you have not created and registered a My Singular Health account, we strongly advise you read our previous article that can be accessed here. This following tutorial, will be for those who have already created a 3Dicom account and are wanting to update their account settings.

Sometimes when we create a profile with other websites or platforms, we are unable to update our account settings and these often may become permanent! My Singular Health (the gateway to 3Dicom) offers you the choice to update all of your account settings. If you have entered the incorrect account details when signing up, your position has changed or you have even changed your company, all these details can be changed through the My Singular Health portal. Now, let’s find out how we can change our account settings! This process is super easy and can be done in two main steps.

1. Login to the My Singular Health portal

The first step in changing your account settings for 3Dicom is visiting the My Singular Health portal. This portal supplies us with all of our 3Dicom account details, ranging from our valid subscriptions, our current active devices and even a download button for the launcher. The My Singular Health portal can be accessed via the 3Dicom website logging in through ‘My Account’, or can be accessed here. Once we have reached the login page, we will need to enter the details we used to create our My Singular Health and 3Dicom account.

2. Access the ‘Profile’ tab

The final step in updating your account settings is accessing the profile tab within the My Singular Health portal. The profile tab will hold all our important account details that can updated. These are your first and last name, who you represent and your company name.

To update your account setting, simply click on the field that you would like to change or edit, and begin typing your new details. It is that easy! Don’t forget to save your details by clicking the update button.

We can also update our profile picture for our account by uploading an image. Cool right?

Wasn’t that easy! Now if you were here to find out how to reset your password for your 3Dicom account, this will be discussed in the next article.