Release of 3Dicom 3.1.0

Release of 3Dicom 3.1.0

Singular Health

After releasing 3Dicom 3.0.0 in late May, we’ve received more than 250 downloads of the 3Dicom Patient & R&D software from more than 30 countries. Although it hasn’t all been smooth sailing with a number of technical challenges, especially with Mac OS, we have been continually taking onboard all the feedback received from our users to improve the software.

Version 3.1.0 of 3Dicom Patient, MD, Surgical and R&D brings only a few small feature additions, with a new lasso tool in Surgical and R&D as well as segmentation using region growing / grow from seeds, however it brings a huge number of changes for improved User Experience and performance.

A few of these improvements are:

  • The ability to now view in a Window rather than fullscreen view, allowing you to minimise the program and easily drag it between multiple screen setups (All Tiers),
  • AES-256 bit encrypted local scan archive database (All Tiers)
  • Improved User Interface for Measurements with smaller dots and improved labels (MD, Surgical, R&D),
  • New My.Singular.Health dashboard for account management and subscription management (All Tiers),
  • Faster sharing via the Medical File Transfer Protocol (MD, Surgical, R&D),
  • Improvements to the icons and preset ranges for Display and Measure panels (MD, Surgical, R&D),
  • Speed improvements for segmentation, meshing, and export to STL (Surgical, R&D),
  • Add quick access to Support Portal from the software for faster feedback (All Tiers), and
  • Faster loading and support for lower specification hardware.

View the Changelog in the Launcher to see the large number of changes made to your tier of the software.