Menandai radiologi

Penjelasan Pencitraan Sinar-X

X-Ray Imaging Dijelaskan
X-ray imaging involves electromagnetic waves or radiation used to create pictures of the internal parts of the body. The images show your body parts in various shades of black and white. The reason is that tissues can absorb different levels…

Penjelasan CT Scan

Penjelasan CT Scans - Penampil 3Dicom
If you have ever gone to the doctor for something serious, like a physical injury, they might sometimes recommend having a CT scan. If you are worried about what CT scan is, we have compiled a guide to let you…

Apa itu Radiologi?

Radiologi Medis - Penampil 3Dicom
Radiology, in its simplest explanation, is the ability to capture images of the inside of humans using electromagnetic and controlled nuclear radiation. For thousands of years, humans have experienced various diseases and adverse health conditions which can display their effects…