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3 डी DICOM व्यूअर 1.0 का शुभारंभ

पिछले 3 सालों से यहां की विकास टीम विलक्षण स्वास्थ्य has been dedicated to the design and For the past 3 years, the development team here at विलक्षण स्वास्थ्य has been dedicated to the design and development of our Singular Volume Rendering Platform. This platform allows for the rapid volume rendering of Digital Imaging and COmmunication in Medicine (DICOM) data from the three orthogonal views (top, side and front views) in 2D slices into a immersive 3D model with volume, density and the ability to be viewed in Virtual Reality.

Our lightweight 3D viewer has been used to visualize CT and MRI scans in numerous hospitals and educational institutions in Australia, South Africa, Singapore and Europe. Using Virtual reality headsets, our software has provided medical practitioners with a highly capable 3d visualization system for surgical planning and non diagnostic review.

3 डी डोमिनर दर्शक 1.0 is designed to provide a lightweight 3D volume rendering application for use by researchers, medical students and even patients for the viewing of DICOM datasets in 3D on both Windows and Mac OSX. The software is not designed, nor intended, for diagnostic use or even surgical planning but rather the easier visualization of complex anatomical structures to improve comprehension and spatial awareness of the subject of the dicom medical images.

मैं इसके लिए क्या उपयोग कर सकता हूं?

Whilst radiologists, dentists and doctors are all highly proficient in the interpretation of 2D medical imagery, Whilst radiologists, dentists and doctors are all highly proficient in the interpretation of 2D medical images, patients aren’t as well versed in radiology and don’t see the world in 2D.

Medical professionals are much more adept at spatial visualisation and the 3D reconstruction (in their own head) of the three orthagonal views than most patients, therefore our program is primarily intended to assist non-medical people to better visualize their own scans in a much more familiar 3D model and improve comprehension of their anatomy and condition. 

Whether a fracture or a tumor, viewing the dicom image with an interactive 3D model in the company of a medical practitioner may be useful in understanding and coping with particular diseases and their treatments. 

3 डी डोमिनर दर्शक 1.0 can also be used by radiologists, academics, doctors and students to convert their dicom file into a 3D view that can be displayed in common image formats such as PNG, MP4 and even GIFs for more engaging seminars, papers and presentation material.

As outlined above, 3 डी डोमिनर दर्शक 1.0 is not intended for diagnostic use and is purely a 2D & 3D visualization aid.

Update: As at the 23 July 2021, the 3Dicom Viewer 2.5.1 software has been released with a free dicom viewer in the form of ३डीकॉम लाइट तथा commercial tiers with advanced measurement and 2D/3D radiology tools across Windows and Mac OSX.

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