View Your Own Medical Scans in 3D on Windows

Quickly and easily convert and view your scans in 3D, adjust the tissue densities and rotate the model to extract as much detail as possible. All this from a standard DICOM file.

Free 3D DICOM Viewer Software For Windows

If you’ve recently had a Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) or Positron-Emitting Tomography (PET) scan and have access to a DICOM (.dcm) file, you can now visualise your anatomy in 3-dimensions.

Our DICOM Viewer for Windows works quickly to effectively stack all of your 2D slices, providing an accurate 3D reconstruction of your body.

Compatible with Windows 10

Using our easy Installer, you can download the software and be looking at your first scan within minutes! We’re currently adding 3Dicom Viewer to the Windows App Store.

Accurate Volume Rendering

Simply put, 3Dicom composites all of the 2D slices from your scans in a 3D stack to stitch them together. We use the scans own meta-data to ensure this is highly accurate.

Interactive Zoom

Use your mousewheel or up/down arrow keys to zoom in and out. Combine this with click & drag rotation and panning and you can literally see yourself from any angle in 3D.

Easily Browse & Load Files

Load scans from CD’s, local drives or even access scans via mapped network drives such as Dropbox, Sharepoint, and/or Google Drive.

Measure Your Anatomy

Measure lengths and angles from multiple points in 2D & 3D (Pro Version).

Lightweight Installation

Download is only 40 MB and the software is extremely lightweight both technically and in the intuitive, patient centred User Interface.

How To Optimise Your Scan in 3Dicom Windows

Follow the 3 easy steps below to load and enhance your medical scans.

Easy Windowing Adjustments

We’ve taken the complex task of finding the right Hounsfield Units to show your required tissue density and simplified it into an intuitive slider. With our Windowing Values sliders, you can very quickly “strip” away different densities to expose particular areas of interest. 

As seen in the video, increasing the lower threshold of the Hounsfield Units progressively removes the softer tissue, allowing you to view the internal structures such as cartilage, muscle, organs and ultimately the high-density skeletal system. 

Adjusting your windowing should be the first step once your scan has loaded prior to editing the Display Settings or using the 3D slicer tool.

Focus on Anatomy & Enhance Image

Get up close and personal with your scans. We’ve built in a Zoom feature that is easily controlled by your Up & Down arrow keys to zoom in and out and get the best position for capturing images.

Soon, you’ll be able to voyage inside the 3D model using our Immersive Zoom tool, positioning the 3D rendered model and navigating into internal spaces such as the trachea, lungs and more.

Rotate, Pan, Zoom and Explore

As seen in the video, now that you’ve focused in on the most relevant anatomy and enhanced the image with improved brightness and contrast, you can view it from all angles.

Using the Shift Key + your mouse pad, you can pan (move side to side) the view point.

To rotate the 3D volumetric model, simply click and drag.

Finally, using a combination of panning, rotating and then moving/zooming through the model, you can actually position yourself inside your body and explore it from the inside out!

Introducing 3Dicom Pro for Windows

Impressed by the 3Dicom Viewer but looking to get even more information from your DICOM medical images? 3Dicom Pro is the culmination of thousands of hours of work developing many industry-standard tools optimised for speed and intuitive use within our cross-platform software.

For just US$5/month you can access many additional features going beyond visualisation & allowing for in-depth analysis of radiological scans.

View Dicom Meta Data

3Dicom Pro has a number of different processes by which to read and interpret the various DICOM standards so you’re able to read and filter all DICOM meta-tags.

Additional Presets

From bony and soft-tissue windowing through to auto-contrast and brightness settings, presets accelerate the process of viewing regions of most interest.

Hounsfield Histogram

Extracting the precise Hounsfield (density) values from the DICOM meta-data, we enable you to better analyse and threshold your scans and manually set upper & lower values.

Save Measurements

Save your measurements and annotations and attach them to a new DCM file for sending to medical practitioners.

Convert DICOM to PNG

Save each DICOM slices as PNGs along with screen captures and videos of the 3D volume rendered output. PNG’s capture markups too!

2D & 3D Measurements*

Add length and angle measurements to 2D slices and watch as the resultant 3D vector (length) is generated in the 3D model.