Free 3D DICOM Viewer Software For Windows

After downloading the DICOM viewer software for Windows, you’ll be able to open .dcm files on your local device, no internet connection needed! This protects your confidential patient data whilst allowing you to convert the standard 2D axial, coronal and sagittal planar views into a fully-interactive 3D multi-planar reconstruction. 

In addition to our proprietary 2D to 3D rapid volumetric conversion platform, we’ve built an intuitive user-interface complete with the features outlined throughout this page. 

What’s Included In the Windows Version of 3Dicom Viewer?

Rapid In-Situ Conversion To 3D from 2D Dicom files

Once you’ve downloaded the software, simply load any .dcm or .nii file type from your local network drive, computer hard drive or removable storage (USB). The software doesn’t need to be online for the conversion/rendering of the 2D data to 3D and all processing is done on your device. 

The conversion process takes only 10 – 90 seconds depending on the number of slices in the dicom series and the processing power of your computer/mobile. Due to the offline nature, no patient data is transmitted leading to a highly secure experience.

Works with more than 90% of .dcm files

We’re constantly working to stay abreast of the many new DICOM tags and file permutations that are being implemented in the market with new scanners. The current software works with ~90% of all .dcm files and has a redundant conversion system to try if our main conversion code fails to read your files. 

As part of our efforts to improve the overall ability of the software, should you run into trouble converting a DICOM file, please contact us as we can use the information to update future versions to accomodate those dicom tags/settings.

Easily manipulation of multi-planar reconstruction view

Your MPR will render upon loading of your scan after which you’ll be able to free-rotate the model by clicking and dragging with your mouse. Our 3D Dicom Viewer software works best when you first change the density (hounsfield) values upon load to expose the layer of data that is of most interest (skin, soft tissue, vascular or skeletal). 

You can adjust all the settings via one control panel and change the display settings for optimal display of your 3D MPR.

Intuitive, Lightweight User Interface

Unlike many other programs, the 3D Dicom Viewer software has been designed specifically to quickly render your multi-planar reconstructions as accurately and efficiently as possible. We’ve developed what we believe to be an intuitive, lightweight UI that isn’t cluttered with a million cool tools that you’ll never use.
We’ve still included crosshairs for the orthogonal planes, however the main feature is our 3D slicer which allows you to intersect the MPR from any angle.

Offline Conversion For High Patient Data Confidentiality

Maintaining patient-doctor confidentiality applies to the digital space, with the transfer of DICOM data and patient imaging being subject to very tough data protection laws in most countries. Whether you’re a student, researcher, doctor or patient using our program, you can rest easy knowing that 3D Dicom Viewer operates entirely offline, with all DICOM information staying on your local device. Need a PACS-compatible secure viewer? Try MedVR.

Fully Immersive 3D Volumetric Model

This 3D Dicom Viewer software has been built to allow for a fully-immersive experience (VR available in our full commercial product, MedVR). To explore inside the scan, you can easily zoom in and out with your up & down arrows to ‘travel’ into the 3D volumetric model and look around by making small mouse movements.
Use the free rotate or gimbal to position the model and then navigate inside to visualise negative spaces (such as airways) and view the internal anatomy.

In our original release of the software, we’ve focused on the quick and easy conversion of your 2D medical imaging files into a 360 degree, volumetric 3D model. Designed for researchers, patients and doctors for non-diagnostic, non-clinical use, the software allows for a comparative 3D visualisation and is great for generating 3D images for upcoming presentations, understanding complex anatomical sites and patient education in a non-clinical setting.

The primary features of the current iteration of the software are as above, however we’re always looking for more feedback.

Interested in more features than shown in our 3D DICOM Viewer Software?

You may be interested in our fully featured software, MedVR. Amongst other things, our MedVR software adds the ability to utilise Virtual Reality with an ever-expanding feature set, offering a premium experience for paying customers.

Currently using our 3D DICOM Viewer Software?

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    Receiving feedback on what works, what doesn’t, and what you would like to see within the software will go a long way to helping us plan out our development pathway, and help get any bug fixes sorted for you ASAP. It’s also possible that a feature you are after is currently available in other software we have developed, and we can point you in the right direction.
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