So setzen Sie Ihr 3Dicom-Passwort zurück

So setzen Sie Ihr 3Dicom-Passwort zurück


Before you find out how to reset your 3Dicom password, you will obviously need a 3Dicom account and have this registered! If you have not registered a 3Dicom account, we strongly you check out our article that can be accessed hier, or our other articles that address topics such as how to download 3Dicom, viewing your first 3Dicom scan oder updating your account settings. Resetting your password with 3Dicom, is like resetting it with any other website or software. The process is very simple and can be completed within a matter of minutes.

Let’s find out how we can reset our password in three easy steps!

1. Visit the My Account page

The first step in this easy three step process, is accessing the ‘My Account’ page on the 3Dicom page. Accessing the My Account page will take us to the login for the My Singular Health portal. If you have read our previous articles, you will have learned that the My Singular Health portal, is our gateway to 3Dicom. The portal can be accessed hier, or through the 3Dicom page.

2. Submitting a password request

You have probably already guessed the next step in resetting our 3Dicom password, and this is to press the forgotten password link. If you are requesting a password reset even though you have not forgotten your credentials, this process still works.

3. Accessing the password reset link via Email

Once you have requested a password reset link, we will need to access our inbox for the email in which we created our account with. Just remember, you will have used the same email throughout all the signup processes and logging in, so no need to get confused. After we have accessed our inbox, we will need to find the password reset email. This can typically be found in your normal inbox, or may possibly be flagged under ‘spam’ or ‘junk’.

Please be patient waiting for your password reset email. If you have not received an email after an extended period of time or after numerous attempts, please Lege hier ein Support-Ticket an.

After we have selected the reset password button on our email, a new tab will be opened in our browser to create a new password. Once we have entered our new password, we must confirm it.

Wasn’t that super easy? Make sure you don’t forget your new password!