3Dicom Lite – Interactive Controls for 3D DICOM Visualisation

3Dicom, since inception, has had the vision of merging radiological images with advanced computer vision, artificial intelligence and other tools to extract the maximum amount of information from existing CT/MRI/PET scans. This has already led to the creation of the Volumetric Rendering Platform which converts standard radiological scans from 2D to 3D in less than 60 seconds allowing for a fully-immersive 3D viewing experience as seen below.

However, this 3D environment can quickly become cluttered with various tools and unintuitive ways in which to navigate around in the three dimensional space and interact with the data (the scan).

With many members of our team having significant experience with 3D computer aided design programs and a love for minimalism, the 3Dicom UI has been carefully laid out to reduce the number of actions required to access any one tool/feature and there are no never-ending drop down menus.

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The main interactive controls (as seen in the video above) are as follows;

  • Zoom In/Out: Up/Down Arrows, Mousewheel and/or Trackpad Up/Down
  • Pan Left/Right: Shift + Left/Right Arrows
  • Pan Up/Down: Shift + Up/Down Arrows
  • Rotate: Click + Drag 3D model
  • Reset View: Spacebar

For Surgical users, customisable hotkeys are available to allow for full customisation and changing display parameters whilst not in those tabs (i.e. changing HU values whilst not in the ‘Expose’ tab).

If you are a medical practitioner, academic or patient seeking to view patient-specific anatomy in an uncluttered 3D DICOM viewer compatible with Windows and MacOS, head to 3Dicom Lite to try the software today.

Please note that this blog is purely for educational and marketing purposes and doesn’t not purport to be medical advice. 3Dicom is currently registered as a TGA Class 1 Visualisation device and is not approved for diagnostic purposes.

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