“We are committed to developing software to aid in the visualisation, analysis and communication of medical imaging and data.”

Thomas Hanly – CEO, Singular Health

Driving The Uptake of 3D in Medical Imaging Software Development

We are part of the Singular Health Group, a digital health company with a rapidly expanding global presence.

From birth, we perceive the world in 3-Dimensions, with strong spatial awareness and depth perception skills being developed at an early age, and this is why we focus on 3D medical imaging software development.

These skills are applied to all manner of tasks, except for where it arguably matters most, medical operations and research. Constrained by 2D screens and limited computing power since its invention in 1972, Computed Tomography (and also MRI/PET) scans have been visualised by surgeons in 3 x 2D Planes (Axial, Sagittal & Coronal).

Whilst Singular Health has developed a number of immersive 3D & VR solutions, 3D DICOM Viewer is a low-cost solution for use on computers running Windows. It allows researchers, students and doctors to create multi-planar reconstructions of their scans and add another dimension to their medical imaging.

3D medical imaging software development remains our focus into 2020, and we hope you will take a look at all of our software solutions. Read more at our development blog here, or leave us some feedback here.

Development Team

Thomas Morrell

Lead Developer

Working on our proprietary Volumetric Rendering Platform since 2017 as our lead developer, Thomas has been instrumental in guiding the technical development of our software applications.

Leading our growing team of developers, he has applied his broad knowledge base towards a highly secure, decentralised patient-driven medical imaging system.

Samuel Grant

UI/UX Developer

Tasked with the design and development of the User Interface of the program, Samuel works closely with Anna to continuously improve the software. Sam also fields the feature requests & deals with support queries to ensure users can add to the future roadmap of the 3D Dicom software.

Yaqoob Isaacs

3D Data Rendering

Yaqoob is responsible for the development of the 3-Dimensional rendering, measuring and storing of states. Yaqoob also ensures that the inputs and outputs from the 3D Dicom Viewer program are provided as industry standard so that users can easily access and share their findings visually.

Anna Duong

2D Development

With volumetric 3D modelling being a relatively new development, providing the standard 2-dimensional toolkit such as cross-hairs, slicing and windowing is important for many of our users. Anna works to continuously implement and improve these toolkits in the software.